5 Star Nutrition wants to welcome Foxy Fit Supplements to the shelves! Foxy Fit is a female exclusive brand with a variety of fitness and weight loss products. From protein to probiotics, Foxy Fit caters to women and their drive to be stronger and healthier. Whether trying to lose weight, grow muscle, or improve overall lifestyle, Foxy Fit has numerous options and flavors for you to introduce into your diet.


Their best seller, Protein FOR HER is a great tasting protein powder to be used as a meal replacement or a post-workout refuel. If you’re looking to shed some pounds the EZ Tone 24 weight loss kit is great for cleansing toxins, boosting metabolism, and improving sleep. Foxy Fit BCAA is also a great tool to assist in gaining lean, toned muscle and burning unwanted fat. Foxy Fit also carries a health and wellness lineup that includes Hair, Skin, & Nails, as well as Probiotic FOR HER, both of which are intended for daily use.


Foxy Fit is a versatile brand that works for all types of women from working moms to fitness models, and everyone in between. They strive to make the highest quality products to help you achieve your fitness goals. All Foxy Fit products are specifically formulated for a women’s needs.


Stop in and shop all their products at your local 5 Star Nutrition, to find a location nearest to you, click here. All 5 Star Nutrition staff are more than happy to answer any questions about these high quality products.