5 Star Nutrition Family
We continue to take the COVID-19 pandemic extremely seriously and recognize that as the environment continues to change, and states/cities issue more stringent restrictions on businesses it is hard to know what will be open in order to support your needs during this trying time.

As a company that delivers essential products for health and wellness, 5 Star Nutrition will remain OPEN across the country as we believe it is our duty to continue to support our customers in this time of need.

In order to protect both our employees and customers, we have adopted the following procedures in our stores. In addition, we are also now offering Curbside Pick-up which is detailed below:

  • No Cash Payments: We accept all credit cards as well as cashless payment systems such as Apple Pay, Samsung pay, etc. This will reduce risk for our teams due to handling cash.
  • Social Distancing: Our team members will remain behind the desk and refrain from performing consultations, handshakes or other experiences that require less than 6 feet of spacing. In addition we are limiting people in the store to no more than 5 at a time.
  • Sanitizing Checkout Area: Our teams will be sanitizing checkout counters and credit card readers after EVERY transaction
  • Hand Sanitizer: We will have hand sanitizing areas at the front of stores and request that all customers sanitize hands upon entering
  • No InBody
  • Doors Left Open: Weather permitting, front door will be left open to minimize the need for customers to touch door handles/surfaces

While it pains us to dilute our offerings down to the state prescribed above, it is in the best interest of our employees and our customers that we remain vigilant and create as safe of a shopping environment as possible so that we can continue to serve your needs.

5 Star Nutrition Curbside Pick-up
Here’s how it works:

  • Call your local 5 Star Nutrition, an associate will be waiting to take your order (find your store)
  • You can make a payment over the phone or in-person when you arrive while you remain in your vehicle.
  • Call when you arrive and our associate will bring your order out to you.

5 Star Nutrition Online
If you prefer to shop with us online here are few benefits:

  • Free shipping on all of your favorite products & essentials
  • 10% discount when you signup for Auto Delivery learn more here.
  • Direct contact to our customer service team via email, phone and chat, learn more here.

A message from our teams:

We recognize that many are facing economic hardship and uncertainty and we simply ask that if able, you continue to patronize local businesses as best as you can whether that is 5 Star Nutrition or your favorite local restaurant. While this won’t be easy, as a community supporting one another we will get through this and be stronger for it.